About me

I am a freelance Illustrator, 2D animator and graphic designer.

I graduated from the University of Vic (Barcelona) in Audiovisual Comunication and continued my studies with a Children’s Book Publishing postgraduate at the UAB (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona). After that I studied a Master in 2D animation at ECIB (Escola de Cinema de Barcelona).

When I’m not working as a graphic designer and illustrator at the Blood Bank of Catalunya (Banc de Sang i Teixits) comunication department, I illustrate everything that caches my eye. I’ve drawn several children books as well as producing graphic design projects such as corporate comunication and publishing layout.

I am passionate about the world of cinema, especially in the script, direction, character development and animation. I am currently starting in the fascinating world of animation. I like being able to bring my drawings to life. I want to work in this new field and explore different forms of animation.


Feel free to contact me!